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Okay, so here's the deal: School and Auditions and stuff has been a PAIN and I haven't had the time or the energy to update. On top of that, I am now sick, which is even more annoying when you play a wind instrument.

And on top of on top of that, when I finally have time and energy to update ... I lose my Flash drive, which I'm going to have to replace tomorrow. (Not today for obvious reasons) I barely could get my Secret Santa in in time, which I had to draw something (And we all know I can't draw) instead of using sprites which I'd have MUCH preferred.

Bright side: I have a Dex World update already made, and two PokeDex updates drawn up and will update when I have the sprites for it.

I'll even upload the sketch for the first page on Porky's Place for Posting Products because I find it kind of amusing.

And I got some art from the Secret Santa about PokeDex and it is AWESOME! You can see it here http://ss12.smackjeeves.com/comics/1645485/for-porky/

My only complaint is that Dex is way too good looking, but he/she/it probably saw Bishie Dex a few pages back, and I really can't blame him/her/it.

Thanks for being patient!

Also, I've decided to let my friend code out and battle my fan(s? Who am I kidding, maybe one person reads this comic) over Wi-fi!

My friend code is 0004 1121 8888

So, just post yours in the comment and I don't know, PM me about a time.

I'm not doing chat though, just battle!

Keep in mind, I use Pokemon White 2, and if someone would like to swap Regi Keys/hard mode/etc. that would be lovely!

- Posted by Porky on December 26th, 2012, 3:15 pm    -   0 comments

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